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Hi, I’m Maria.

I’ve always wanted to be everything. Now, I live by it.

In my 9-to-5, I work in Learning & Development and corporate training. On the side, I’m a singer-songwriter, bedroom producer in the making, visual artist, writer, gym bunny, art history nerd, avid language learner, podcaster, video editor, bachata and salsa dancer, among other stuff…and often get myself into projects that are hard to explain. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

In the past, I’ve been a museum assistant, recruiter for a human rights organization, dissertation editor, hotel receptionist, language teacher, freelance content writer, and digital marketer. I have a master’s in arts management which took me from Lisbon to Istanbul, played a vampire in a college musical, exhibited my art abroad, became a language blogger, got certified in movie directing and project management, learned to sing professionally and speak 5+ languages.

You’d think I felt proud, right? But for years, that wasn’t true. I used to suffer with crippling anxiety around not having a “one true calling” and never finishing what I started.

I used to think my job hopping, career changing and identity crisis were temporary until I “grew up” and found “my one true passion” like other people around me. Plot twist…that never actually happened. The more I waited, the more I fell into despair. Feeling inferior and incapable, my confused inner kid asked for years…

Then, I discovered there was a name for who I was.

For more than a decade, I didn’t know what to call myself. I would eventually discover I’m a multipotentialite (also polymath, Renaissance person, multipassionate, scanner) or multi. If you’ve made it this far and can relate to my story, you probably are a multi too.

With this discovery, came the realization that what I had perceived for years as my flaws, were actually my superpowers. I understood I wasn’t lost – I had just surrounded myself with advice and life goals that served a different kind of person.

The moment I started designing my life around the fact I was multi, I could barely believe the opportunities, experiences and relationships that came into my life. It was magical. I want you to feel that too.

That’s why I created Multi Maria: to celebrate myself, you, and those who want to do a billion things – no apologies. Join me in exploring the hacks that helped me navigate a multi life (and what I’ve learned along the way through trial and error).

Live up to your potentials.

You might sometimes feel like your passions are all over the place and that your life (and career) is scattered, but I promise those pieces come together beautifully, even if you can’t see it yet.

Don’t be so busy looking for your “one true purpose” that you miss out on your biggest superpower: you’re someone who does a bunch of cool things. The world is desperately hungry for people like that: versatile, diversified, nuanced, insatiably curious, ready to try out new things at every turn. Life is your playground and you’re just getting started.

Ready to wear many hats and have a blast?