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If you have no time for books at the moment, I still have your back! There’s so much fascinating content out there related to designing a life that fits your

“How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)” by Wait But Why (2018)

This article has defined my career, and that might be an understatement. When I moved to Berlin and spent more than a year trying to choose my next step while overworking as an underpaid freelancer, I desperately googled how to define a career that could make me happy and not leave me broke. This article was one of the first to appear and took me hours to get through – in a positive way. The amount of clarity, hope, precious insight and wisdom I got from it is immeasurable. It made me consider all of the moving pieces that create huge complexity around choosing a career, and why it’s likely that we’ll choose multiple “wrong” careers throughout our lifetime. I credit this article with helping me find my dream career in L&D.

“Multipotentialite: Why I Don’t Have Just One Career” by Slasher Career (2021)

Tanya Mimi is an absolute gem and powerhouse. With just one of her quotes, I communicate to you what Offbeat Careers is all about: “Doing one thing in a lifetime is disrespect of Human Potential.” Her writing is practical, insightful, inspiring…but also guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! A slasher and multipotentialite (at the age of 33, Tanya had worked 13 different jobs that were completely unrelated) Tanya wrote this fun, informative article about the professional struggles of a multifaceted creative who can’t sit still. I particularly love this post because it’s unapologetic and confident. It’s filled with empowering examples of skills, competitive advantages and confidence you can get from an offbeat, non-linear, multifaceted career. Hop in!

“Slash Career is Going Mainstream: Why?” by Slasher Career (2021)

If you’ve read my own article about slash careers, you’ll know what they’re all about – mixing and matching different jobs to create the career of your dreams. While slash careers often come around due to financial stress and necessity (working multiple jobs to get the rent paid, not out of pleasure), other people are now adopting slash careers as the only way to make work meaningful to them. Not everybody can settle for a single label, do one thing for the rest of their lives and be content. Tanya Mimi, a powerhouse and multipotentialite herself, explains why slash careers are becoming more common, the type of slash careers that exist, and the competitive advantages they bring into your life.