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Allow me to share the few golden videos that have truly changed my life and way of seeing the world as a multi.

πŸ“£ Please notice: I may not agree with everything people say in these videos – all of us have different personalities, opinions and backgrounds, not to mention approaches to our lifestyles! These multis may have different perspectives from me, or you might even hear me give different advice from them. But they continue to be very inspiring and may resonate with you at different points, hence why I list them here! πŸ’›

“Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling” by Emilie Wapnick (2018)

A classic TED Talk on the concept of multipotentialites and why we need to embrace our nature, not fight it. Here, the iconic Emilie Wapnick, who coined the term “multipotentialite”, explains our competitive advantages and unique strengths as multis.

“How to Turn “Unrelated Jobs” Into a Career” by Cam Walker, aka Struthless (2021)

Few YouTube channels are as insightful, endearing, fun and creative as Struthless’s. I love his takes on creativity, careers, growing older and living life with purpose. In this video, he dissects all of his unrelated, adventurous, “crazy” work experiences and brings it all together beautifully.

“How to Manage Multiple Interests” by Odysseas (2024)

I loved following Odysseas as he explains his philosophy for managing multiple interests at once: making a hierarchy of interests (narrow your scope), block calendar to use time with intention, and reframing existing tasks, among other tips. A useful account from a fellow multi to take into consideration!

“Become A Renaissance Man With 3 Hours/Day” by Odysseas (2024)

In this carefully written and beautifully put-together video, Odysseas explains the importance of combining time for your health and physical fitness, time for consumption and time for creation as part of a successful multi life!

“To the Person with Multiple Passions and a Long To-Do List (How to Get Things Done)” by Elohor Eva Alordiah (2024)

If you’re the type of multi who feels the need to still focus on one thing at a time, I love Elohor’s confidence in delivering advice on how to select that. Elohor’s inspiring path as a rapper, coach, writer, speaker, performer, fashion designer, makeup artist makes her a lovely multi to hear from!

“I Have Multiple Passions and Don’t Know What to Focus On (Here’s What to Do)” by Elohor Eva Alordiah (2024)

Using the concept of Ikigai, Elohor – a rapper, business coach, writer, speaker, performer, fashion designer, makeup artist – helps you decide what interests to focus on. Especially if you enjoy taking a spiritual, soulful approach to life and your passions, you’ll benefit from Elohor’s perspective!